$ 10.55 CAD

Mini 2 button Remote control


Strobe Light

$ 12.95 CAD

12 volt to 24 volt a/c and d/c strobe light 


Quick Close Device Ver6

$ 75.00 CAD

Quick Close Device 

will close any garage door or gate as soon the vechile as cleared the door way

will reverse door or gate if vechile re enters doorway and will close when leaving

it is quick to install

Key Chain Remote

$ 7.50 CAD

  1. Key Chain Remote Control 4 button

Wall Push Button

$ 10.55 CAD

Wall Push button complet with back box

Extension Spring

$ 10.50 CAD

80 Lb Extension Spring

Ver5 QuickClose Device

$ 30.00 CAD

Quick Close Device

For Micanon Commercial Garage Door Operators and Manaras Operators




10% Discount on orders of 10 or more

Premade Cables 1/8 for 7 Foot Door

$ 10.50 CAD

Sold as set

4.5 Volt Solor Panel

$ 5.50 CAD

4.5 volt Solor Panel

2" x 2"

Swinggate Operators

$ 750.00 CAD

Swing Gate Operator 

Come with Slave and Master unit and control box.

2 Remote controls

Battery Pack Sold Sepretly 

Barrier Post Stoper

No Image Available

$ 85.00 CAD

Barrier Stop Post Amuminum 

come with 4 power bolts